Embracing the Future of Video Communication: Highlights from The 2024 Video Landscape Report

by | Jun 25, 2024 | blog, Video

At Quickchannel, we believe that video is an essential tool for effective communication in today’s digital world. This is why we are excited to present the “The 2024 Video landscape report”, which provides a comprehensive analysis of how organizations are leveraging video.

Video is a powerful medium that increases engagement, improves communication, and drives higher conversion rates. Our report reveals that 93% of organizations are creating on-demand videos, which highlights their enduring value. Additionally, video content on company websites remains the primary distribution channel, underscoring its importance in reaching targeted audiences.

With the rise of AI for video creation and editing, personalized content, and immersive technologies like AR and VR, the future of video looks promising. The integration of these technologies not only streamlines production but also enhances viewer engagement, making video an indispensable tool for modern communication strategies.

By sharing these insights, we aim to help you harness the full potential of video to achieve your strategic goals. Your success is our mission, and we are committed to supporting your journey with innovative solutions and valuable data.

Some Key Findings from the Report

  1. Video Production Frequency:

    • 64% of organizations produce video content weekly.
    • 20% create videos daily, underscoring the demand for regular updates.

Every day: 20%, Every week: 37%, Every month: 26%, A few times per year: 13%, Don’t know: 4%

Video Strategy Formalization:

    • 49% of organizations have not yet formalized their video strategies, indicating a significant opportunity to align video content with business objectives.

Types of Video Content:

    • On-demand videos are produced by 93% of organizations, highlighting their enduring value.
    • Live broadcasts (67%) and interactive webinars (56%) are also key components of video strategies.

Distribution Channels:

    • Company websites are the primary distribution channel, with 79% of organizations utilizing them.
    • 53% prefer to publish video content on their own video sites rather than external platforms like YouTube, valuing greater control and customization.

Platform Satisfaction:

    • There is room for improvement in video platform satisfaction, with only 17% of respondents being very satisfied.

Challenges in Video Production:

    • The major obstacle cited is a lack of time (61%), followed by content creation difficulties and budget constraints.

Future Trends:

    • AI for video creation and editing, personalized content, AR and VR integration, and cloud solutions are expected to revolutionize video production and distribution.

Recommendations for Maximizing Video Potential

  • Develop a Documented Video Strategy: Ensure your video efforts align with organizational goals for maximum effectiveness.
  • Invest in AI Tools: Utilize AI for creating summaries, editing, and generating personalized content, saving time and resources.
  • Enhance Compliance Measures: Prioritize GDPR and WCAG compliance to meet regulatory requirements and improve accessibility.
  • Expand Distribution Channels: Use multiple platforms to reach a wider audience and increase engagement.
  • Focus on Emerging Trends: Stay updated on AI, AR, and VR technologies to remain competitive in video production and distribution.

By addressing these areas, organizations can enhance the impact of their video content, improving communication and achieving their strategic goals more effectively.

For a deeper dive into these insights and more, download the full report.

Download the full report here