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Why Quickchannel?

Our video platform is designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind, ensuring that you can effortlessly create, manage, and share videos, on demand or live, all in one workflow.

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Easily brand your content using logos, fonts, colors, images and backgrounds for a consistent brand identity.

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Manage & Edit

Our powerful features lets you easily edit and organize your content, giving you full control over your creative vision.

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Privacy & Security

We’re proud to be the only video platform that is recommended by eSam as a fully GDPR compliant video platform.

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Boost engagement

Foster interaction via chat and polls, seamlessly qualify and convert leads in real-time.

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Make your day-to-day workflow simplified and more efficient with our easy integrations.

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Our support

From onboarding to expert advice, our goal is to make your journey with us smooth and worry-free.