Professional publishing of live and on-demand video in Optimizely (Episerver) Content Cloud and Commerce

Quickchannel’s plugin for Optimizely (Episerver) is an intuitive but advanced cloud service for uploading, recording, editing, publishing, broadcasting live and managing video within Optimizely (Episerver). The plugin focuses on minimizing work for the user and simplify managing video within Optimizely (Episerver).
Quickchannel’s video platform is also integrated with many other services such as DAMs, CRMs, analytics services, video editing solutions and also comes with extensive APIs for integration to other services which enables interaction with other such services within Optimizely (Episerver).The Optimizely (Episerver) add-on makes use of the Quickchannel video platform which is cloud based and makes installation easy. The add-on has been certified by Optimizly and is available for download from nuget.

To use the video add-on from Quickchannel, you must have a Quickchannel account. To start a free trial, please sign up here.