GDPR Compliance and Corporate Video: What You Need to Consider

by | Jan 10, 2024 | blog, Compliance, GDPR

Virtual events, webinars, and corporate videos offer a multitude of advantages for your business from placing your brand as a thought leader to a widened reach, increased engagement from audiences, optimal decision-making based on real-time data analytics, and more. However, if you’re choosing to host online events it’s imperative that you take the time to consider security safeguards and the data protection of yourself and those you interact with from the outset to ensure your virtual events are safe and successful. Enter; GDPR.


GDPR in a nutshell

Introduced in 2018 General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the toughest privacy and security law in the world and applies to the protection of all personal data from an EU business or individual. While US companies also follow this law, they also have a law named the CLOUD Act which is in direct conflict with GDPR and means that the US government can theoretically ask any US company to share the data they are managing for an EU company in Europe. It is because of this law that European-based servers and European-owned businesses are the safest to use in relation to compliance and the complete protection of the personal data of yours and those you interact with.


Why is data protection such an important issue?

When compared with telephone calls or conferences, video streaming leaves you more open to data targeting from third parties listening in, unauthorized records, and infringement of data protection law. This is why when you are using or planning to use video as a communication tool, data and security are of the utmost importance. When it comes to virtual events it’s imperative you stay compliant. COVID-19 has not only changed the way we live but also the way we work and communicate. These changes mean that few other tools have gained the same level of attention as quickly and as strongly as video communication.

More often free platforms spark criticism when it comes to compliance and are more at risk of breaking GDPR due to the aforementioned CLOUD Act. Virtual events come in many formats from webinars to meetings, sales calls, onboardings, educational videos, and more. For the more popular free video communication platforms, their exponential rise in popularity as a direct result of the pandemic has left them open to a rise in criticism of their security gaps and data protection issues. Numerous data mishaps have proven that they are not favorable to use when it comes to protecting not only yours but your user’s data too.


What to look out for when choosing a corporate video platform

To ensure safety European businesses should choose a local cloud or hosting provider that is GDPR compliant. This is particularly important for organisations who handle extremely sensitive data such as, municipalities , government agencies, finance companies, law firms, health care and insurance providers. Not only does GDPR safeguard data, businesses also gain trust, credibility and loyalty from prospects, customers and clients when they demonstrate compliance. If you don’t do your due diligence when it comes to choosing a safe and secure corporate video platform you could be putting yourself at risk of non-compliance and data breaches.


Why choose Quickchannel?

21 November 2021 Quickchannel was selected as the recommended choice for streaming in the public sector by eSam, the Government Administration in Sweden. Our platform was listed due to its compliant data processing with secure server infrastructure as well as the effective use of administrative features for moderators, video and audio capabilities, as well as its proficiency to broadcast live and manage video recordings.

The eSam report showcases the top digital collaboration platforms for the public sector, as well as outlining and identifying the most secure solutions that provide a suitable digital collaboration platform for public sector organisations. We pride ourselves on offering a fully secure GDPR, Schrems II and WCAG compliant corporate video platform for all of our customers, and we’re proud of it.

You can read the complete report from Esam here.


To sum up

A secure video platform gives you the opportunity to interact with a nearly limitless audience with multiple touchpoints while both gaining GDPR-compliant consent and gauging interest through advanced analytics.

At its heart, GDPR is about engagement. It demands organisations to be proactive, earn their audience’s interest and to respect the time of today’s digital community. By doing so, organisations aren’t only coming into compliance with GDPR, they’re nurturing better pipeline, a better brand, and quality one-to-one relationships that actually matter.

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