About Quickchannel

Quickchannel is the go-to platform for professionals working with video. Our mission is to revolutionize working with video through innovative functionality and efficient workflows, integrated in the customers’ eco system.

Milestones along the way

Over the years, Quickchannel has achieved significant milestones, each marking a step forward in our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions. Here’s a few of them!

We were pioneers! Our first video platform saw the light of the day

We opened our office in Krakow, Poland with 10+ developers

Quickchannel and Screen9 merged into one company

Dagens Nyheter and Saab joined as customers

Recommended by Esam as the only GDPR compliant platform in Sweden

We launched our new End-to-end video platform with a bang!

Say hello to a few of the faces behind Quickchannel

Behind every milestone and technological advancement, there’s a dedicated team that drives Quickchannel forward. Our employees are the heart and soul of our company, united by a passion for video, innovation and a commitment to our mission.

VP Customer Success
Alexandra Drottler

Master of literary acrobatics, aiming to be the “Director of Passion” when she grows up.

Finance & Accounting Manager
Jonathan Berglund

A numbers wizard balancing budgets and spreading workplace laughter.

Viktor Underwood

Leading Quickchannel’s future and chasing golf balls – a CEO with a swingin’ sense of humor.

Mood Manager

Taking his job seriously with cuddles and kindness, our endorphin booster bringing joy to the team.

Customer Success Manager
Viktor Frank

Hobby musician and aspiring Mölkky-master. Like tech gadgets, beer and street photography.

VP Communications
Jenny Sondell

Social media queen with B&B dreams, adores Ted Talks, dahlias, Alfapet, and drone shots.

Customer Support
Miguel Halme

The crowd’s favorite, street art enthusiast, and champagne lover.

Customer Success Manager
Elli Karppinen

Spreading joy one customer meeting and groovy tune at a time!

Sales Manager Sweden
Fredrik Ohrelius

Turning cold calls into hot deals one professional sales pitch at a time.

Media Producer
Daniel Aragay

Turning pixels into magic, always here to help you with your production.

CRM & Marketing Specialist
Johannes Mogren

When he’s not watching NHL he’s busy optimizing our HubSpot.

Head of Sales Finland
Tommi Karppinen

A sports trivia master, cycling enthusiast, and wannabe rap sensation.

Account Executive
Zakariya Guuled

Travel enthusiast and footballer: Scoring deals worldwide, on and off the field.

Enterprise Account Executive
Erik Thorell

Travel enthusiast, huge film nerd and football fan who thinks he has the best recipe for pasta Bolognese!

Enterprise Account Executive
Erik Hoover Tingvall

International man of mystery, expert on the Canary Islands and passionate about different cultures.

System Administrator
Edvin Ekström

Problem solver. E-sport fanatic. Likes to tinker with hardware and never says no to a game of Quake.

Country Manager Poland
Leszek Skorczyński

He’s a Lighthouse lover, crafting code by day and a masterful carpenter by night.

Kristofer Stensson

Front-end pro and gym enthusiast: Making pixel-perfect code and lifting iron with equal precision.

Paweł Surowiec

Thrives on harmony, fishing, dawn’s beauty, and paper plane model crafting.

UX/UI Designer
Jasmine Skarpfors

Our very own unicorn designer and swallow that happily sings a tune or two at the office.

Bartosz Tyrala

The coding wizard who turns coffee into code and bugs into mythical creatures.

Mateusz Malinowski

Footballer, developer and student. Always willing to learn new things, big fan of cars and racing.

Office Dog

Our office’s cheerful canine. His playful antics and calming presence make workdays brighter.

Robert at Quickchannel
Robert Risberg

Engineer, entrepreneur, Screen9 founder, chess enthusiast, and Ludde’s cohabitant round the clock.

Grzegorz Błaszczyk

Passionate about open source, known for pulling requests for code, pizzas, and beers.

Norbert Czarnek

Clean code advocate, politically incorrect motorcyclist and an amateur tennis player.

Software architect
Daniel Antelius

Outdoorsy engineer who’s into hiking, biking, skiing, and a dash of beer snobbery.


Meet the true “barkitect” creating our pawsitive vibes, with her wagging tail embodying life’s pure joy.

Software architect
Vytautas Liuolia

Former semiconductor physicist, now coding, cracking dad jokes, and tinkering with obscure tech.

Grzegorz Wisniewski

Huge fan of alternative music regardless of genre. Never refuses a good coffee, beer or book.

Erik Djerf

Based in Gothenburg on Sweden’s west coast, crafting digital magic, one bug hunt at a time.

Marcin Czerwiński

Family man hooked on gadgets, Japanese culture, sci-fi, and physics – like a cosmic manga superhero!

What drives our team

Our team is driven by a shared passion for harnessing the potential of video technology to transform the way businesses communicate. We are motivated by the belief that our solutions have the power to connect people, facilitate learning, drive engagement, and enable organizations to thrive in a digital age. These are the five values we take pride in living by.

key icon

One company – One team

We’re all in this together – one company, one team. Our people are the key to our success, and we thrive in an inclusive atmosphere that knows no borders. 

book icon

Always learning

We embrace two outcomes: either we succeed or we learn. We prioritize trust, openness, and teamwork, fostering a culture of continuous learning. 

rocket icon

Driven by innovation

We boldly explore new approaches and champion innovation. We consistently challenge ourselves and our ideas in our pursuit of a better way forward.

medal icon

User success is our success

We firmly believe that when we empower our customers to achieve their objectives, we, in turn, attain our own. Our users serve as our guiding stars

smiley icon

Work hard and have fun!

We value humor, respect and kindness and we believe that the best results come when we enjoy ourselves along the way.

We’re committed to bringing passionate professionals together to push new boundaries and grow.

Quickchannel is growing fast, and we are always looking for talented individuals to join our distributed team all around the world.

Quickchannel team collage