Choose the package that fits your needs

All packages include a video platform that is GDPR compliant, a video player that meets the WCAG 2.1 AA regulations, and adaptive streaming over CDN up to 4K.



Perfect fit for video on demand and publishing

  • check icon Video management
  • check icon Branding
  • check icon AI transcription & subtitle editor
  • check icon CMS integrations
  • check icon Native IOS app
  • check icon Analytics


Perfect fit for full video workflow with interactive live streaming

  • All in Publish +
  • check icon Low latency live with timeshift
  • check icon Chat, polls and event registration
  • check icon Live-from-tape
  • check icon Social media integrations
  • check icon Advanced Analytics


Perfect fit when you have high SLA requirements

  • All in Live +
  • check icon Video editor
  • check icon Video site
  • check icon Live mixer
  • check icon API
  • check icon SSO


A solution for meeting management, voting and video streaming.

  • check icon Attendance & voting
  • check icon Meeting management
  • check icon Automatic indexing of agenda
  • check icon Live streaming
  • check icon Automatic On-demand publishing
  • check icon AI transcription


This package is a perfect fit for you who effortlessly want to share your content with a global audience, ensuring secure and efficient distribution while maintaining full control over your videos.

Quickchannel Premium Publish showcase
video icon

Effortless video management

Streamline your video library, organize content with ease, and quickly access the videos you need when you need them. Say goodbye to the chaos of scattered files and welcome an organized, efficient system.

Elevate your brand's identity

Customize your videos with branding elements like logos, graphics ensuring a consistent and professional look. Impress your audience with a polished, branded video experience that sets you apart from the competition.

When accessibility matters

Make your videos more inclusive with AI-powered transcription and a subtitle editor that includes sign language and audio descriptions audio tracks that will help you reach a broader audience. It's a win-win for both accessibility and discoverability.



This package is a perfect fit when you effortlessly want to broadcast live events, engage your audience in real-time, and harness the power of interactive video communication for enhanced connections and impactful presentations.

Quickchannel Premium live workflow