Customer Case: Saab Enhances Video Communications with Quickchannel’s Secure and Customized Solutions

by | Jan 10, 2024 | blog, Customer case

In the world of aerospace and defense, where advanced technology meets rigorous security requirements, Saab stands out. The Swedish-headquartered company has been at the forefront of the industry since 1937, developing everything from aircraft to submarines, and ground combat to surveillance systems. But even for a company well-versed in innovation, the need for secure, efficient, and personalized video communication presented a unique challenge — one that Quickchannel was ready to meet.


Choosing Quickchannel Over Mainstream Platforms

Back in 2008, Saab began its journey with Screen9, a company that would later become part of Quickchannel. The quest was clear: to find a video communication solution that was as secure as it was efficient. YouTube and Vimeo were in the running, but Saab needed more than what these platforms could offer. They needed a provider who could assure in-country support and robust security measures to protect their high-resolution content from the rampant piracy of the time.


Tackling the Challenges of Secure Communication

At the heart of Saab’s challenges was content protection. With piracy threats looming large, the company sought a trusted solution that could offer live streaming capabilities with a personal touch. Quickchannel stepped up, providing secure hosting within the country, live streaming options, and the kind of support that only a dedicated partner could offer.

Jonas Tillgren, Brand Manager at Saab, recalls the significance of live streaming, particularly during the pandemic. It became a staple in their communication portfolio, a change that has since become permanent. Quickchannel’s low-latency, high-quality live broadcasts have become indispensable for Saab’s communications.


Quickchannel’s Impact on Saab’s Global Communications

Saab’s vast communication team, comprising over 100 individuals, relies on Quickchannel to distribute videos effectively. The platform has fostered an environment for idea-sharing and collaboration, proving crucial, especially in times of remote work and global crises. Quickchannel’s media library has also provided tangible benefits, saving time and reducing network traffic — a critical factor for a global company that operates round-the-clock across various time zones.


Beyond Streaming: Comprehensive Support and Customization

But Quickchannel’s offerings go beyond just streaming. Their international support team has been a cornerstone of Saab’s successful adoption of the service, offering responsive, reliable assistance whenever and wherever needed. This hands-on support is a testament to Quickchannel’s commitment to their clients’ success.

Moreover, Quickchannel has tailored their services to Saab’s specific requirements, including the adoption of 360 video technology, showcasing their flexibility and customer-centric approach.


Looking Ahead: Saab’s Ongoing Partnership with Quickchannel

As Saab looks to the future, the company is keen on expanding its use of Quickchannel’s services. They’re exploring new avenues like creating a producer environment to enhance live streaming capabilities. With Quickchannel, Saab trusts that its communication across the globe will remain seamless, secure, and at the cutting edge — just like the technological solutions they provide to their customers.

In summary, Saab’s partnership with Quickchannel is a prime example of how tailored video communication services can play a pivotal role in the operations of a global enterprise, ensuring secure, efficient, and innovative solutions for internal and external communications alike.